Street Session chapter2 - Paris Metro

The other day in Paris I had some time to hang out with my homie Dembycratic who
was  in town from NY. As usual he captured a lot of our day on camera. On our way to
meet some friends we ran into this guy on the Metro.....well, the rest somhow just
happened....check it out. Paris je t'aime.



Thanks for capturing this moment Ant.....again.

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1Live Krone 2010


My green vintage schoolgirl halleluja made it to the red carpet of Germanys no1 radio award
show. Love to Patrice and Curse for the shoutout, the escort and for being such dope people.
Die Zukunft...nothing more to say.

Soho Acapella, or how I found my NY voice.

The other day in Soho.....I was walking around with two friends, enjoying the sun, talkin and sharing
some smiles, coffee and cookies. On Price we ran into these guys from Groundstone performing
on the street. We stopped to listen for a some point I got to talk to the guys, next thing I
know, we are sharing a nice music moment.

It's so weird...everytime I see someone perform, I feel the urge to jump in and join. I can't help it, it
almost physically hurts, to stay in my seat when I see people on stage and I like what I see and hear.
It was an amazing feeling to just freestyle a bit with those talented guys, it felt so New York......
New York is growing on me. It's a trip.

Rolf Buck meets lary.

That video was made by ROLF BUCK. I love his work and his creativity . Working with him is like
a free fall,you don't know what's it gonna be in the end, but you don't care anyway. If he tells you to
sit down naked on a golden horse in the middle of the street (and we actually thought this one
through) just do it, because you want to see what he sees. 


I used the first part of it for my blog intro, you can see the full length video on my youtube. I def
wanna/gonna work with him on some other projects in the future. 

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Forget love. I'd rather fall in chocolate.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne