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it's gonna be an odd future.

The other day  Highsnobiety reached out to me and asked me if I would fancy spending a day
with ODD FUTURE and ask them a few questions.Well....I am a huge fan of their music and
talent and I don't really give a fuck about attitude when it comes with an undeniable shitload
of talent, so I said yes. Apart from that, boys will be boys right?


Odd Future. Half men half überfunny supercreatives obsessed with evil shit. I can respect
that. Totally. 


The only thing that slightly disturbed me was realizing that groupie hoes come underaged too. Scary. 

Whoomp there it is!

The track will be on Chima's upcoming album 'Stille', but you can already
download it for free right HERE. Thanks, love and kisses to Drizzy and Jazmin, so easy
working with you guys! On to the next one ! 



Directed by Dreea Pavel & Jazmin Garcia

Edited by Jazmin Garcia

I hope you like it. Thanks to all of you who already shared, liked and loved it!

LARY - Limit To your love cover

I still love this song.

The whole thing is a onetake recording, I created the voice effects right on the spot with the joystick
in my hand. it.


Special Thanks to DJ Rafik for the Sound-Effect-Joystick hook up and undeniable dopeness and
to the Weeze Airbase Museum Guard for being a lovely person.

Producer: Tim Ottowitz (Cobain Cartel)
Camera: Mathäus Jagielski (Studio 5)
Camera2: Henry Bigalke
Thanks to: Tran21, Julian Hüsken, Weeze Airbase Museum, Pascal Pollack, Torsten Baier

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The Photographer told me to 'just be myself', well....

Just for the record, I tried. I really tried.

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Sent from Lary's I Phone


If you are that standing in the corner looking cool kid, that wearing shades in the club
cat, that walking over the dancefloor not smiling or even bouncing a little bit bitch,
that laughing about people who can't dance douche, that I don't wanna sweat/not
the right outfit or shoes suka......don't be afraid, it'll  hurt just a little and only the first
time, but after you managed to let go, it's nothing but fun. I promise. 

..on and on and on....

Video Teaser: Lary x Limit to your love

I love this song, original and cover. I kinda stopped doing covers on youtube for several
reasons, but after performing that song live  the other day I knew that I am back in business.
 We shoot the video at a Royal Airforce movie theatre from 1953,  I went there with no
expectations just wanting to perform this song that I love so much. So we had this dope
location a bad (bad bad bad...) car and a few ideas and just went with the flow and had
fun. Cameras, cars and the Royal Airforce. At the end of the day I was on a testosterone
high and very very happy with all the material that we shot.

Here's a little taste, the full video will be coming soon. I hope you like it !


some preview pics of the shoot right HERE

This car man....I am really not into cars, but this one made me weak.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne