Lary Bird: Flugzeuge im Bauch live @ WDR Radio Concert

This was recorded a few weeks ago for a live radio concert. 

I know that not all of you can understand the lyrics ,so I'll try to sum them up for you in really short. 


The song is about trying to stop loving someone, because you know that he or she doesn't love you back anymore. Literally the author commands the one to give back his heart, because he knows and feels that he or she doesn't need it .So basically the song is about begging the one you really love to just leave, instead of keep on hurting you. 


I can't translate it in the same beautiful way in that it's said in German language and believe me....writing songs about love in German  and not making it sound cheesy (but real) ain't easy. 

let me sing to you.


 I got a little caught up in the song,haha...but I did that cover one-take and it didnt feel
right to record it again just to work on the "your hair looks like the ring - LLcoolJ"- thing.=P
Hope you like it anyway. 

There are songs that make you laugh and others that make you wanna sing along and some songs just bring you back to a specific moment......and break your heart all over again.

I guess thats what it was.


Nothing else matters-cover by Larissa Sirah

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.....and I felt like singing.

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I can't believe I just saw this for the first time!!!!

That was LIVE DEMO'S 5 year anniversary in Berlin. I cant believe that's over a year ago! (And I didnt see the video yet!)




I loved and enjoyed every second of it.

It really was a special and inspiring night for me. Not only beeing on stage with artists like Estelle and The Beatnuts was crazy, but performing with an Orchester and with people I personally look up to in many ways  like Chima and Miki  was something truly special. I think sharing an event like that and then memories like that with people you have so much love and respect for, is an outstanding experience.


I danced till dawn after the show.....I dont think it could have been any better. The location was right next to river Spree. It looked beautiful in the morning light.


Thanks to all the people who made it happen. 




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Larissa Sirah



Team Lary:





ich gruesse alle die ich kenne