Street Session chapter2 - Paris Metro

The other day in Paris I had some time to hang out with my homie Dembycratic who
was  in town from NY. As usual he captured a lot of our day on camera. On our way to
meet some friends we ran into this guy on the Metro.....well, the rest somhow just
happened....check it out. Paris je t'aime.



Thanks for capturing this moment Ant.....again.

Soho Acapella, or how I found my NY voice.

The other day in Soho.....I was walking around with two friends, enjoying the sun, talkin and sharing
some smiles, coffee and cookies. On Price we ran into these guys from Groundstone performing
on the street. We stopped to listen for a some point I got to talk to the guys, next thing I
know, we are sharing a nice music moment.

It's so weird...everytime I see someone perform, I feel the urge to jump in and join. I can't help it, it
almost physically hurts, to stay in my seat when I see people on stage and I like what I see and hear.
It was an amazing feeling to just freestyle a bit with those talented guys, it felt so New York......
New York is growing on me. It's a trip.

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move bitch the lary version

Last sunday. My body half dead from last nights party, my mind still

spinning. Vegetating on my couch,the lines of Ludacris' Move Bitch

came to my mind, but the song soundet weirdly different in my foggy

head. I remembered that I have a midi keyboard somewhere and

recordet the version I had in my head and laughed my ass off about the

combination of words and sound. Thought it would be nice to share it

with you, don't be too hard on me beatwise, I am not a producer(YET)


Thinking saturday, singing sunday. That's exactly what it was. 

Hope you like it!

You can comment and rate the track on my youtube. And I would be crazy happy if you do so =)

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musicnerd songquiz part2

ok!  you already know the rules.





Artist: RIP

Released 2002

Adlips taken from the first hook

Songtitle contains of 4 words



You'll find the correct answer HERE. DON'T CHEAT!

Enjoy !

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3min musicnerd songquiz

The other day when I listened to my boys singing along to an RnB song,
I was kinda shocked when I realised that they know every fuckin note
from A-Z. Not only hook and verses but also aaaaall the adlibs.You
know...these nice seemingly improvised melodies,words,uuuhs and
ahhs that decorate the main lyrics and carry the emotion. So..I
wonder....can you tell the name of a song by only hearing the adlips?
No beat, no mainline, just the nice parts in the music that we like to
sing along to so much.


Can you ?

Artist: Missy Elliot
Released 1999
Adlibs taken from the hook
Songtitle contains 4 words

you'll find the correct answer HERE . DON'T CHEAT! =)
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Lary Bird: Euro Teaser(prod by Dj rafik)

It kinda felt wrong to sing "I need a DOLLAR " all the time.




"An expectation is a future object, recognised as belonging to me."

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne