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lary christmas.

We messed around with the song in the studio the other day just for fun.This damn song.
I hate it, but just because I can't love it. So we made a little cover, call it an attempt at self
theraphy if you want. I hope you guys are spending chrismas around the people who you love 
and that love you back even more. 



Last Christmas - LARY Cover 


"Hate is often an obverse form of love. You hate someone whom you really wish to love but

whom you cannot love."

Sri Chinmoy



LARY - Limit To your love cover

I still love this song.

The whole thing is a onetake recording, I created the voice effects right on the spot with the joystick
in my hand. it.


Special Thanks to DJ Rafik for the Sound-Effect-Joystick hook up and undeniable dopeness and
to the Weeze Airbase Museum Guard for being a lovely person.

Producer: Tim Ottowitz (Cobain Cartel)
Camera: Mathäus Jagielski (Studio 5)
Camera2: Henry Bigalke
Thanks to: Tran21, Julian Hüsken, Weeze Airbase Museum, Pascal Pollack, Torsten Baier

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last night...

Went out with the red and the blonde to enjoy some acoustic music at Hotel de Rome in Berlin. make a short story even shorter: when there's a mic in the room, I gravitate towards it
and that's that.

Video Teaser: Lary x Limit to your love

I love this song, original and cover. I kinda stopped doing covers on youtube for several
reasons, but after performing that song live  the other day I knew that I am back in business.
 We shoot the video at a Royal Airforce movie theatre from 1953,  I went there with no
expectations just wanting to perform this song that I love so much. So we had this dope
location a bad (bad bad bad...) car and a few ideas and just went with the flow and had
fun. Cameras, cars and the Royal Airforce. At the end of the day I was on a testosterone
high and very very happy with all the material that we shot.

Here's a little taste, the full video will be coming soon. I hope you like it !


some preview pics of the shoot right HERE

This car man....I am really not into cars, but this one made me weak.

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lary x soho house Berlin

I am performing at the Soho House in Berlin tomorrow aka this wednesday ,9PM. 
It's a Soho House event, so it's members and guestlist only, buuuuuuut I am giving
away 5 guestlists spots and would love to see at least a few of your faces and be able to
thank you for your constant support with a few unreleased tracks =) If you around
the area and wanna swing by, just comment on the post of my lovely ladies at eVe or
talk to me.  Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst.


In your face. Bis einer heult.
Freu mich auf euch =) 

Street Session chapter2 - Paris Metro

The other day in Paris I had some time to hang out with my homie Dembycratic who
was  in town from NY. As usual he captured a lot of our day on camera. On our way to
meet some friends we ran into this guy on the Metro.....well, the rest somhow just
happened....check it out. Paris je t'aime.



Thanks for capturing this moment Ant.....again.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne