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Who the fuck is Christian Louboutin ?

"Shoes to go dancing in, shoes to shine in and shoes to wear for a decent bit of showing off."


Charlotte Dellal is CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA


I should/could/would dedicate PAGES to these shoes. Or to Charlotte for designing them in such a unique way. 

Charlotte Dellal, daughter of Brazilian Topmodel Andrea Dellal, a 1970's muse for Valentino, launched her first collection in 2006 only 2 years after she graduated from Cordwainers (just as Jimmy Choo)

We know her sister Alice. Her brother owns an art gallery. Their family tree reads like an exotic Brazilian/English recipe for beauty with brains, talent and a couture touch. It's kinda nice to see that beeing the "showing off your pussy-white trash drug addict rich girl" is not the only way to get attention for Hollywood-kids.




This one here on the right golden ankle boot...I would die for it. Or kill. 



order here ..... if you can. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne