Ladies night.Résumé

what she said.

Sometimes you want something so bad,

you lose sight of what it really is. 

You were my something. 

game over.

He ran away,

with all of her toys

now they can't play

and she can't stay.

She shoulda known that

boys will be boys. 

I thought you were just a boy.

But you are a magician.


roses be roses

hoes be hoes

and whisky be whisky

once you admit

to feelings and shit.


Scrambled eggs on the dashboard

I am stuck

my car broke down

standing still - while rolling one up,


In the middle of the street

waving at asholes in drivers seats

starting to rhyme

to kill some time

damn Berlin you're icing ma cake

cake cake cake cake cake

is what Rihanna would say.

what a day, what a day

is what Erykah would say. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne