that one who got away.

probably got away for a reason.

'Cause in between the ex and the new

the wrong, the french, the smart and the boo

there's that one that makes you smile

just by running cross your mind.



2 hours of sleep

pillow mark left on my cheek

sunglasses no advil

though last night was mad real

train full of people

I'm hiding behind shades

Thinking of a coffee

that will maybe get me straight

went out though I didn't  one two

socialized till three or four

idealized my boredom till five

then realized that practically I've

been dancing at the wrong party

besides not talking to the right

and now I'm fucked

because that took me all night.

pause #3


This is the day I've been waiting for, for almost two years. This is the moment we've
been working towards for the past two years. This is the beginning of bringing my dream
to life. This is it. This is here. This is now. In this moment.

I'm still in love with you babe, I'm still in love with you baaabe....

So they made the shoes and they are working on the laces

Soon they'll also find a road to pasttimes places

And I swear to god or whoever might listen

that the moment they find out how to go back in time

I will come for you and make you mine. 


You walk.

You are on your way, headed somewhere. Elsewhere.

You stumble. damn

You slow your walk to see the road in front of you clearer

Eventually you stop paying attention to the road and just keep on walking

Then again a little stumble, a sudden shock that makes your body vibrate for a second

But you are able  to catch yourself again. Smile on your face. tricky

You keep on walkin, more aware of the bumpy road you took now.

And still you won't see it coming.

You think you got a grip on the situation until it's is too late

And now you are falling. Head over those nice heels you are wearing.

You can't stop your own fall.

Maybe someone will catch you.

Or maybe you'll hit the ground.

No matter what, that you are falling is for certain.

So you might as well just let go and enjoy flying.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne