Waking up with a  smile on your face ? 

Looking up into the sky ?

Fingers tripping over your thigh ?

Listening to a song you wrote ? 

Getting high ?

Money, cash, hoes, boat ?

Saying what you think ?

Inc ?

An email, a message, a like, a text ?

A picture, a song, morning sex ?

A fresh pack of cigarettes ?

No regrets ?

Love ?

Probably none of it,

or all of the above.

Sunshine, ice cream, kissing, snow

really, I wouldn't know 

and the more I think about it, the less I give a damn

What is happy? 

I am. 

I like the kind...

who stays on my mind.                   #simpleasthat


Music my baby, it's you and me - a long cold winter it will be.


Cup of tea is not for me

Coffee is my extasy

Water over coke

Vodka over Dope

Skirts over pants

Lips over hands

but when it comes to you

I fucking don't know what to do. 

the whole picture.


I am so proud and that I am a part of this project. Please check the latest issue of
Traffic Magazine , within you'll find an editorial about the amazing FOLORUNSHO
Lion Base X Berlin Project that I've worked on with Mallence Bart-WIlliams in cooperation
with JR for the last few weeks. I 've never been so happy and enthusiastic about every
new day that I was working on the project.....good energy brings good energy. Period.
It's crazy up to a ridicolous level how many good thing came our way and just fell into place.
Check out the exerpt from the forthcoming LION BASE documentary to get an iside on what's
the project all about.

The 8 page editorial collage we worked our asses of for was an amazing final action

for the Berlin edition of this project. Collage Crew, Tatiana who came all the way to
Paris to bring her idea of a gigantic Lion Base collage to life, Mallence and myself. Paris,
Freetown, Berlin.And we are on to the next one. Paris...are you ready?

"Please grab the new issue of TRAFFIC magazine. Inside you'll find the portraits
of BASE and THE MAKER. Paste them in your environment, somewhere where
you feel it will be relevant, stir a discussion or a train of thought........these young
men are presently imprisoned in Freetown, not for committing a crime but for being
involved in a fight and trying to help a woman that was harassed in the streets.
Their faces were known to the local police through the @INSIDEOUTPROJECT
my friend Mallence did in LION BASE in Freetown last November. They have been
in prison since several months now. While they are behind bars in one of the worst
prisons, their strength and resilience may inspire people when looking into their

I am crazy into collaging now. Stay tuned. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne