I recently shot my first video to a track that I wrote called 'System'. Bringing a vision, an idea
to life is probably one of the best things in life, somewhere between being on stage and
morning sex. It consumes you in all the right ways.


It's so surreal to me that we really made this happen, without a label or a big budget, just
a couple of kids with ideas , drive and belief in a badass track. I am so thankful for my
DOPE MOTHERFUCKIN ASS VIDEO CREW: Phil from Schönheitsfarm, 105 Paris,
Peoplegrapher, Schiko who spontaniously helped out, Vic for the good vibes and
killermoves and Nora for makin me look as if I wasn't high on Grippostad for days. Most
of all tho, I gotta thank my director Esteban, for sharing my vision and beeing 120 %
dedicated to it. You're such a beast, this feels like the beginning of something special
my man. 


I am reeaally excited to show you the video once it's done, but more important and way
more show you the song.

My song.

My world.

My heart.

I am finally ready to share all that with you. And so much more.


Future Deutsche Welle, this feels like the next step, but what do I know, I just do shit, I guess.
Lass mal einfach durchdrehen. 



Another year is ending. And I couldn't care less,

I'm  just done pretending. I guess. 

cause my whole universe is in spin - and I like the spin I'm in

I am in the middle of something,  looking for the path within 

There is no end, no beginning, no last year and no next - Only now - 

And I am breathing. 

every moment. every sound. every beat. 

And I am

my every word, my melancholy, my erratic heat.

Driven, hungry, all patience is gone - I'm done waiting for some day to come. 

May it be the next day, the new year , or the day before

I ain't giving up my now no more.

not for yesterday and not for tomorrow,

My love is light - my song is sorrow .

Everyday and every night -  Fuck tomorrow.

Would you?

If you had my love and I gave you all my trust would you comfort me ?

If I give it to you...what would you do boy?

I still love that video. She was the one back then. So bad.  


Or maybe we were. 



that perfect love.

You may get over the lover, 

but you will never forget the love. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne