Peter Pan Syndrom (bitch)

up here.

Pussybreath and bedroom eyes

up in the air doing fivehundred miles

no one like you. 

Sun kissed, wild curls, holding me close

like: you never know how a plainride goes

Learning to live while teaching me how to love

onehundredeleventhousand meters above

On top of the world and under my skin

I can't really remember it being so thin

Entirely yours and ready to die

I already fell so deep

that if this plane goes down, I'll probably fly. 


Living the moment. Easyly said. Hardly ever done.
I wonder if it would be easier if our hearts would have the same beat, and our melodie would be a
song we all know the lyrics to.

Homie Lover Friend Party, 2013 Berlin



In 5 places. At the same time. 

On my phone. All the time. 

Answerig messages,emails...texts,calls.  Immediately.

Seeing beauty. Uploading it In real time.


My now has been blurry lately.  I want my real life filter back. 

Die Show eröffnen für die Fantastischen 4.

I don't know how this happened, or how I got here. And it feels like it happened over night and at the same
time like it took my whole life. Is this really my life? I don't know, or care, but I know that this is only the beginning.
I am up, wide awake and very fast coming. This is my time. Watch me.



ich gruesse alle die ich kenne