main squeeze.


Shit, you know I'm not the kind for a long distance thing
I am too much of a tease and I need to see my king
but on days like these I just gotta face it
you are my main sqeeze, I'm just not ready to embrace it
I wanna be with you and think of you like all the time
I wanna follow you around the world and make you mine
I wanna breathe you, taste you, feel your light
nothing compares to you around me, to you inside
you light up my world and I'm afraid that you might
be the only damn thing that I'll love until I die
damn I really wish, that summer was a guy

Picture poetry: Balance.

Spottet in the park,

fire and ice, way after dark

secret lovers at their usual spot, she knows where to find him

it's right around the block

every night they linger in each others charm

he's having her back,

she holds his arm

cause they know the world would be truly lost

if they'd handle it like Robert Frost

and go and try to divide the pie.

There is a reason why opposites attract

and in my head it looks just like that.


I always know that I really like a picture when it makes my thoughts come with matching ends.

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You belong to someone else, I got somebody too.

But for now and some more days,

there's only me and you. 

nothing. at least.


I don't know if it's possible to ever get fully over the pain of losing someone you loved. Maybe I will one day.

Nothing matters

there's Nothing to think about

Nothing to cry and yell about

Nothing to talk and dream about

there's Nothing left least.

I hold on to the Nothing

that you left me

Nothing is all I got

it's everything

I can't let my Nothing go

just to realise that I am empty since you've been gone least.
at least nothing.




last night.


                                               I feel sexy.

I feel special. Loud and strong.

A little goofy, but unbreakable.

Not perfect but real.


Like a girl. Like a woman. Like me.





I love being a woman.




"Energy is an eternal delight, and he who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence."

William Blake

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne