I'm still in love with you babe, I'm still in love with you baaabe....

So they made the shoes and they are working on the laces

Soon they'll also find a road to pasttimes places

And I swear to god or whoever might listen

that the moment they find out how to go back in time

I will come for you and make you mine. 

one of these days.

I am sorry to interrupt

but today i just feel pretty fucked up

nothing is right though nothing goes wrong

feeling weak though looking strong

turning thoughts over, again and again

stop at the beginning , start at the end

can't comprehend, just can't seem to find

the thing that keeps messing with my mind

I even went to church, thought I'll give it a try

and God might light me up, if I just swing by...

I kinda knew it doesn't work that way, it can't

it's just that his fanclub I can't stand

and usually I trust in his spirit within and never worry

but anyway thats another story

I also tried to write it down, looked at it from every angle

but even that didn't help me to untangle

the thoughts that cause this melancholy

somewhere deep inside of me

well I think I just should go and see

the people who make me

the two or three

if that doesnt help to get me straight

I might as well go out and get layed

but whatever.... I already feel better, now that that's off my chest

at the end of the day the reason might not even matter

sometimes ....

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This song on repeat.

Inhaling melody.

Exhaling beat.

Until I slowly fall asleep.


Close your eyes.

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Cannesas city shuffle.

The sea, sunlight and beats.

Songwriting, olives and cheese.
Salt on my skin. Sand on my feet.
Swimming at night thinking life is sweet.



Team Lary Songwriting Session, Cannes '11

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PLaylist: Sundayin' #2

It should be summer outside, but it's raining instead

so I just might, listen to this and stay in bed.


Kyra Caruso DJ mix THE FRUIT JULY 2011 by Blend Media Group


a moment.

I am lying on the floor in my new apartement. It's almost empty. I painted the few

furniture. Golden. Fresh. New.Unused. Inspiring. Like a blank page.

I am everywhere.
And nowhere.
In between of everything.
I am in two places at a time. Or three?
On the run. Not there yet.
Not too far away though.
I am thinking.
Way too much.
Or too little.
Everything is new. I am taking it in.
No time to reflect. No time to connect.
I am haunting the bigger picture. Learning.
I am thinking stuff over.
I am changing my mind.
I am searching. Or finding.

Or I am just high from all the fresh paint around me. No matter what,
I am here in 
this moment and I am very much myself.


- Take a moment, slow down a little, reconnect, get back to the middle -

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne