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bring it on love

It's so odd how feelings and people just turn into memories. If it wasn't for this album, I guess I could never
imagine how deeply I've loved. Chris Pointdexter wrote " if only we could feel what we remeber and not just
remember what we felt", but fuck it all cause listening to the words that I wrote at the time, does something similar
for me. It makes me surprisingly and weirdly joyous. Like...I literally crack up, cause it feels so good to know
that it was real. There is no such thing as real love and I would do it all again. I probably will. 

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Ladies night.Résumé

I thought you were just a boy.

But you are a magician.

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Dear Universe

Now that I've learned that we get EXACTLY 

remind me to just ask for Idris Elba the next time. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne