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It was my boo Mayra's B Day and the fam got together for some jungely brunch. The homie Paul Ward
papparazzied our asses right at the door. Crewlove. Berlinluv. Summerlove. Evelove.

up here.

Pussybreath and bedroom eyes

up in the air doing fivehundred miles

no one like you. 

Sun kissed, wild curls, holding me close

like: you never know how a plainride goes

Learning to live while teaching me how to love

onehundredeleventhousand meters above

On top of the world and under my skin

I can't really remember it being so thin

Entirely yours and ready to die

I already fell so deep

that if this plane goes down, I'll probably fly. 


This time I'm not gonna run.


I like your eyes .

Half concious - half bliss

How did I get into this ?

Probably by liking your eyes a little too much.

Yea that sound like me

guys....and eyes.

Wonder if this is what I needed

or if it's only what I've seeded.

Couldn't tell or maybe couldn't bother

cause we somehow seem to save each other

in one way and definitely in another. 

But still it scares me that I like your eyes.

And especially how much.

And such. 

Who would have thought.

I hate seeing you around

cause I hate that it didn't work out

and it's not like we haven't tried

but I guess we just can't fuck things right.

Now you're not my lover not really my friend

it's funny that you told me long ago

that this was how it's gonna end.


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What the hell do you want Larissa?


And I won't settle for less.

I'm sorry.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne