counting the days.



Du sortierst meine Füße 

Wir brauchen Platz

Ich blase Rauch in das Projektorlicht

wenn du genau hinhörst kannst du mein Herz hören.

Glück kann so einfach sein .

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Closet Crush

This month I am in love with things which go with nothing.

Because they go with everything.


love - the upgrade

I thought being unbelievably,recklessly, crazy confusingly, intensely ,nervewreckingly, intimidatingly and
undeniably in love with each other was all anyone could ask for. That was before I knew how it feels to be at the
same time in love with the...

Holy shit.

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It was my boo Mayra's B Day and the fam got together for some jungely brunch. The homie Paul Ward
papparazzied our asses right at the door. Crewlove. Berlinluv. Summerlove. Evelove.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne