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This tour was so much more than I would have thought. You guys are insane you are beautiful. You are
creative. You are loud. You are sexy. You are me.  You are everything. Danke
für die wilde Liebe. We are just getting started. 

Future Deutsche Welle Tour 2014 / Berghain Kantine  pic by KyraSophie

when it was real

you will get over the lover.

but you'll never get over the love.

Jesus I hate how you crushed us

fuckin idiot man.

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performing with a legend. ✔

It's crazy enough to meet a legend like Tony Allen, but having the inventor of Afrobeat playing your songs
is a whole nother level. Now mix that with being part of a project that includes artists you have been looking
up to and got inspired by all your life and you get an idea of what's been going on in my heart and mind last

Afrobeat meets new school. AFROSTEP. I can't thank my boy Patrice enough for making this amazing concert
happen and for letting my music and me be a part of it, you are my hero man. Two days of inspiration, love,
light and family vibes. I am on a musical high and I am not planning to coming down.


what she said.

Sometimes you want something so bad,

you lose sight of what it really is. 

You were my something. 

I thought you were just a boy.

But you are a magician.


roses be roses

hoes be hoes

and whisky be whisky

once you admit

to feelings and shit.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne