When the mind doesn't want to sleep

what are you gonna do ?

When there are no sweet fucking dreams

how do they come true ?

What is chaos what is peace, 

when all the riddles stay unsolved ? 

and only smoke and dirty sheets

give you a reason to grow old.


Can I forget, would you deny

that there is more than you and I 

cause we already found a life worth living ?

I don't know why I even bother

when every minute that goes by

will in the morning feel wasted and unforgiving.

But when the mind doesn't want to sleep

what are you gonna do?


moon & sun

If they ever lose sight of what they have

and start circling around what they don't

It's gonna be painful.

It's gonna be ugly

and all bridges will be burned.

For only she can light up his darkest side.

For only he can tell her the time.




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heute bist du nicht bei mir 

und ich 

bin nicht.

morgen bin ich bei dir 

und du

bist ich. 

lass ma die welt retten.

mittwoch vielleicht.


this and every thought, and no thought at all flickering through my eyes

like the lights of cars driving by flickering through your bedroom window

this and fingertips tracing the curve of your collar bone

this and me wondering if I could be in love with you, as much as with this moment.

time thief.

I lost about 18 hours

they are nowhere to be found

I looked for them in your eyes

and almost drowned

I tasted them on your lips

but lost them somewhere below your hips.

Where does 'I love fucking you' , stop

and where does 'I fucking love' you, start?

You confuse me.


ich gruesse alle die ich kenne