so yea

I fell off the waggon. 


Right into your lap.


Released some music in between though. 






the good news is

If the whole music thing doesn't play out

I can see a career in fortune telling on the horizon


Feb 2017




And though you're a shadow and it's been a long time coming

you manage to turn my happy into blue

guess messing me up always came natural to you.

Maybe because you only give when you need

only care when you bleed.


And I want my hoodies back.


It doesn't matter what I think 

think about you in bars on the other side of town 

all on your own 

think about what you do 

and with who

think about how you still kiss me 

like you wanna crawl into my kneck

like your drowning 

my kiss your only breath

It doesn't matter .

Not the fight in your eyes

not the obvious, nor the things you hide.

It doesnt matter

cause you leaving might be for the better.

At least that's what you think

and though I am not yet convinced

I'm not holding on,

and soon you'll be stronger and I'll be gone.

But for now

for this time

untill you get your head and heart in line

I can't stay

can't stay away

and it ends how it began.

I've always been a drug to you

your kryptonite your only sun

now cold turkey has got you on the run.


There's no reward

for the courage to feel deeply,

and sadness is no blessing .


When the mind doesn't want to sleep

what are you gonna do ?

When there are no sweet fucking dreams

how do they come true ?

What is chaos what is peace, 

when all the riddles stay unsolved ? 

and only smoke and dirty sheets

give you a reason to grow old.


Can I forget, would you deny

that there is more than you and I 

cause I already found a life worth living ?


moon & sun

If they ever lose sight of what they have

and start circling around what they don't

It's gonna be painful.

It's gonna be ugly

and all bridges will be burned.

For only she can light up his darkest side.

For only he can tell her the time.




ich gruesse alle die ich kenne