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The Burn Units - Alive

"This planet is alive. If only we could know what it knows, see what it sees. Some-
times you feel like it's trying to tell you something, showing you where to look, how to
see. Lighting up the darkness ahead, illuminating your soul.The forces around
us, are also the forces inside us
. We cannot become as powerful as nature, until we
become part of it."

I love this.It must have been so difficult to shot.

Riders: Gigi Rüf, Ståle Sandbech and Arthur Longo

Production:  Action Except Films & Burn
Location: Voralberg in Austria

Check out the behind the scenes shots.

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the moment when felicity meets serenity.

I think this is beautiful. Really beautiful.

Production: FEEDMEE Design
Camera: Timm Lange
Sound & Music: Loy production

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'Influencers' Short film (full version)

While I was in New York, I saw the trailer of this short film by Paul Rojanathara and Davis Johnson
around Influncers and how and why influence is created.Now here's the full short film. It's weird...
the topic seemed to be on everyones mind in NYC. I went to two creative conferences or mindsharings 
that dealt with the concept of influence and 'Influencers' and found it very is influence 
created, by who and why by those people ? Even if I think that being an Influencer is nothing that you can
learn, become or plan it was quite interesting to think through the concept.

About "Influencers" :
“The film attempts to understand the essence of influence, what makes a person influential without taking
a statistical or metric approach…the film is a Polaroid snapshot of New York influential'

Influencers:  Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Rob Stone (Cornerstone), Jon Cohen (Cornerstone),
Dao-Yi Chow (Public School NYC), Damon Crepin-Burr (FullSix NY), Josh Peskowitz (Fashion Editor),
Deirdre Maloney (BPMW), David Gensler (The KDU), Sky Gellatly (Team Epiphany)

Also interesting : Influencer10 Conference


I <3 that they used a track from 'Love Jones' in the film btw. It's called 'In a sentimental mood' , beautiful track.
That movie is haunting me. For real! New York I miss you.

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New piece by Jose Parla

I forgot to show you this! Right at the beginning of my New York trip a friend took me to the first family
and friends a first viewing of Jose Parla's newest artwork in Brooklyn, where he created it. It is a 65ft l
ong stunningly beautiful art piece. It was so fascinating to discover new details in it over and over
again and see how writings, scripts can melt into something completely new, that gives you a
whole nother feeling. It will be exhibited in Toronto.

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runaway the movie -by kanye west

There you have it.......

First things first: I could watch Selita Ebanks in this bird dress FOREVER.
I loved the colouring and all the details like the shape of the dancers and the way tone and emotion
were conveyed without being cheesy. I could watch the scene where she drinks out of the cup
for the first time over and over again...and the dinner scene is epic. Did you realise that all the people
on the table are black and that all the servants are white ? Everything here in the US is so black
and white and I get it...but from a black German's, so black but not American perspective, all that feels
so weird.

Maybe I am just more a music than a movie person, but all I thought after that thing was:I can't
wait to hear this album. Can't wait.

Hate it or love it or call him egocentric,wannabe artsy, but I think it's kinda dope when you can just
shoot a 30 min dope ass pop culture halleluja with a victorias secret chick in it, when you feel like it.
Damn I would do it too, so no matter if the film is good or bad, trash or art....I go for 'just enjoying the
ride' while watching Captain Caps Lock's creative journey. And when any of his other outputs one day
comes out as good and as real as his music and touches me in the same way, I will be all for it.


As usual Youtube Germany sucks ass, Germany check out the movie HERE.

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Your Lucky Day - Shortfilm by Dan Brown


Strong acting, great story and lots of blood.Love, it's not THAT Dan Brown.

P.S. There really is a strong gay vibe between Batman and Robin. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne