the first time.

The first album.

The first headline tour. 

The first show. 


Sold out.

So thats how being nervous feels. 


You got this. 

I am going on tour.

Ich habe da mal etwas vorbereitet.


Live spielen ist alles. Ihr und ich. Jetzt.



I aint even gonna write about you.



learning my own lessons.

I fucked up.

I know. 

My head was in the clouds

when I should have had your back.

looking out at my own galaxy

while you were looking out for. me. 

Now you are softly crying 

while I am  trying

to save the words that are dying  

on my lips.

I told somebody some time ago

that words can't  fix

what action fails to show.

I fucked up. 

I know.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne