I'm sorry.


For always being undecided.

For  my everchanging mind.

For my erratic  heart.

For always beeing on to the next one with all my soul.


I know it's exhausting to be my friend sometimes.

I could build a bridge just to burn it down.


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My favourite artist are coming to town! Actually they are already here, preparing for their

"Happy Doubt day" Exhibition at Springmann Varol Gallery, Düsseldorf which opens TONIGHT.

So if you have time, you really should come by and check out the new works of HERAKUT


I fell in love with the art of Germany artists Hera and Akut aka herakut the minute I saw one of their pieces for the first time.

Their art has this kind of depth that just sucks me in and is still so street. It's half darkness, half light.

Both visual and textual content are stunning and touching and highly inspiring (to me). 

The colors,the expressions on the photo-realistique faces...you really gotta go and see for yourself.




Start Time:
Friday, 11 June 2010 at 19:00
End Time:
Sunday, 11 July 2010 at 19:00
Mühlengasse 3
Düsseldorf, Germany
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3min musicnerd songquiz

The other day when I listened to my boys singing along to an RnB song,
I was kinda shocked when I realised that they know every fuckin note
from A-Z. Not only hook and verses but also aaaaall the adlibs.You
know...these nice seemingly improvised melodies,words,uuuhs and
ahhs that decorate the main lyrics and carry the emotion. So..I
wonder....can you tell the name of a song by only hearing the adlips?
No beat, no mainline, just the nice parts in the music that we like to
sing along to so much.


Can you ?

Artist: Missy Elliot
Released 1999
Adlibs taken from the hook
Songtitle contains 4 words

you'll find the correct answer HERE . DON'T CHEAT! =)
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Lary Bird: Euro Teaser(prod by Dj rafik)

It kinda felt wrong to sing "I need a DOLLAR " all the time.




"An expectation is a future object, recognised as belonging to me."

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Stüssy 30th anniversary BBQ Shooting


Last weekend we had a nice BBQ to shoot some pictures for Stüssys 30th anniversary. Eeeeeeveryone was there. The vibe was nice and relaxed, even if the weather was kind of shitty. Thanks to Niklas,to DJ Cem for heatin us up, Sarah from Streetwear Today and to everyone else who helped to make us look good and have a good time.



You can check out all of the MAKING OF PICTURES  on my blog

at eVe without adam .


ich gruesse alle die ich kenne