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1000 dancer and childhood memories


The video is made by the video artists Crumbs Chief as a part of the videotones project, which is

basically a project about creating videos for The Kleptones mashup music. I am not the biggest fan of

their music, but I really like this video, it's sick. 1000 dancers from several movies and plays.


And I love the original Beatles song 'Come together'. Great song. I dig all that Beatles and Doors stuff

so much. My uncle used to have this old Wurlitzer (now it's mine) and I would play Janis Joplin, Led

Zeppelin, The Byrds, Hendrix and so many more whenever I would hang out at his place to listen to

his unique stories and to him playing the guitar (or torturing the guitar, but he loved it..still does.that's

what it's about)I would earn my pocket money by memorizing the lyrics of songs from the 60ies. I am so

thankful for this kind of early music education, even if I kind of took it for granted back then when I was

the weird kid singing 'Ruby Tuesday' instead of 'I'm to sexy for my shorts'. Today, in times where music

seems to be stuck in an endless circle of copy and paste, it is so special to me to know all this originals

by heart. All the songs that actually meant and moved something, songs that stood for more than a hot

video or a fancy haircut. Listening to this music is not only listening to nice tunes, it's listening to a sense

of time or to the expression of the mindstate of a generation, at the end of the day it's listening to history.

I don't mean to hate, not at all. I just appreciate that music a lot, because it is made of less and sounds

like so much more.




I wonder how it would be if the sky would play music. Not only play, but expressing itself

through music. 

Not very loud , just like in the elevator. Imagine that the music would changewith the weather

and every freak of nature had it's own melody. Every cloud, every single colour. All the light shades

of pink in the evening and the mellow tints of orange, purple and blue after a thunder in summer,

would have their own melody, every ray of sun it's own tone. The wind could be a soft piano sonata.

On a smooth summer day like this it could sound like 'Claire de lune '. 

Every little change of temperatur or humanity would change the pitch of dozens of instruments. And just

like nature they would play in perfect harmony, no day would sound like another, no two

clouds are the same. Sunrise in autumn could sound like Newman's 'Whisper of a thrill' and  when the sky

would be lightened up by bright moonlight at night it would sound like Mahlers'Symphonie no.5'. 

Maybe a thunder would create the sound of a big symphonic orchestra and the calm and soft sprinkles of

clouds in the sky after it would sound like mellow violins.


I just wonder how it would be if we were able to hear nature , to feel her on a higher level of understanding.

Do you think we would start to listen?

out my window


Listen. Watch the sky and the wind. Imagine.

Claire de lune

Whisper of a thrill

Symphony no.5

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Thank you Stüssy for the Wurst

I posted some making off pics from Stüssy's 30th anniversary BBQ a few weeks ago, check the

official ones on the birthday kiddo's blog.



We had a good time, thanks for the Wurst!


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thank you thank you thank you. You're far too kind.



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Bread&Butter Magic Madhouse


I'm busy enjoying myself.

I hope you do the same.







ich gruesse alle die ich kenne