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Song of the day.And yesterday. And the day before...

I listened to this song over and over and over again since I got makes me do strange offbeat dance moves and

smile..and smile more. CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT.  Luv it.


Marathon by Tennis



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Project paying the rent


I worked with ma favourite stylist Rolf Buck again lately. I said it before, but I just love

the guy. It was freakin cold and I was half naked posing on iron statues in some public park.

Loved it, I think I have an exibitionist streak.We fought the cold with vodka and lots of

laughter. For all those who walked by...hope you enjoyed the show.Thanks to the great

team for reading my thoughts all night.

::Sneak peak::

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The Treehouse

"Living in harmony with nature" . That's a thought I really like. The TREEHOTEL kinda

brings it to life.It's a hotel designed hidden in the trees.....I was stunned when I saw the pictures.

Maybe because I always wanted to have a treehouse as a child. There are 4 uniquely themed

"Tree Rooms",created by 4 seperatedesigners and there are more rooms planned. All of

the rooms are 4-6 meters from the ground....and are mainly build from wood and glass. I love

this kind of great creative, innovative and a little insane ideas, but I really wonder where the

bathrooms are....


"The mirror Cube" is a cubic mirror-hutmade out of aluminium. Entirely made out of mirror glass,

the hut is reflecting all the surroundingnatural elements in order to melt into the forestry world.Sick.

 "The Birds Nest"

Brittas pensionat
Edeforsväg 2
A960 24 Harads
phone + 46 928 10403 favourite tree house is still this one located in Okinawa, Japan,though. It was
created by Kobayahsi Takashi. Guess why?.......It was constructed with the purpose of
communicating with outerspace. (NO SHIT) I'd really like to meet this guy Kobayahsi.



A few minutes to myself......finally......breath......relax......what now?
watch TV ? the guitar?.....just chill?

3,2,1........can't enjoy......don't want to.....strange......

gotta keep much to do.....can't wait.....

standing strong.........


Watchout for me world.I have a plan.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne