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Being a woman.

Nothing compares to that.


PLEASE dont listen to this on macbook speakers, put your headphones on.....


Thanks to Startrampe TV  and the amazing crew for helping me to bringing my
latex phantasies to live and for being so supportive and awesome. 


a few more weeks till my Mixtape. FUTURE DEUTSCHE WELLE. Fuck yea.

up here.

Pussybreath and bedroom eyes

up in the air doing fivehundred miles

no one like you. 

Sun kissed, wild curls, holding me close

like: you never know how a plainride goes

Learning to live while teaching me how to love

onehundredeleventhousand meters above

On top of the world and under my skin

I can't really remember it being so thin

Entirely yours and ready to die

I already fell so deep

that if this plane goes down, I'll probably fly. 


Living the moment. Easyly said. Hardly ever done.
I wonder if it would be easier if our hearts would have the same beat, and our melodie would be a
song we all know the lyrics to.

Homie Lover Friend Party, 2013 Berlin



In 5 places. At the same time. 

On my phone. All the time. 

Answerig messages,emails...texts,calls.  Immediately.

Seeing beauty. Uploading it In real time.


My now has been blurry lately.  I want my real life filter back. 

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From writing this song- in a tattoo studio at some point in the am ,not really sober and in the abiding
delirium of  hours devoded to the dancefloor - to last fittings and preparation for my second videoshoot.....
time flies and everything is forever while the days are dozing away in a customized black shiny
skintight cloud of dreams. The mind is at war, the soul amused. 

Two days till the videoshoot to 'Sirenen', free your mind and the latex will follow. #FDW

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne