writing your name on a black line.

Do you remember when you would write your name ?

big, small, with a swing or sometimes just plain

over and over and over again

in deep concentration, letter by letter

starting over after a few - displeased - nah I can do better

carefully directing the pen and trying to bring

perfection into your personal swing

back then, it really didn't mean a thing

but it tasted like autonomy 

and felt somewhat like identity.

But then writing your name, at some point came

naturally, probably with full age

and with a thin black line on the bottom page.

The pen started to weigh heavy, the flow betrayed it's ideal

decisions had to be made and the ink sealed the deal.

Not the perfected swing of your wrist

or that confident twist on the second letter 

but the many small printed ones above it mattered

and you forgot all about your personal spin

and your nature hidden within.

signing shit became a means to an end

one of the many dutys of your hand. 


Well, for me and for that matter

I am starting from scratch 

feeling all 12 again - letter by letter. 

Cause I don't wanna ever forget the feel

of signing my first record deal. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne