The Offlife: one day.

went to sleep like a little girl

woke up

like a grown woman

no headache


a brandnew toothbrush

and a quick shower

throwing on last nights clothes

lost half of my shit

but still have my mind

the rain washes away yesterday

before I start to remember it


pretty black.

and I'm pretty back

reality check.

feet on the ground

pink ballons in the sky

make a wish

the warmest hearts

just another day in paradise

not ready to go back to the unreal world

going anyway

burgers,hip hop,shoes

same same but french

that feminine touch

like 8 hour parfume

scent of his spirit mixed with that five o clock shadow

I've always been a sucker for those

but I am not even trying

anything today

or anyone

take me home.

too many worlds for one day


life is. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne