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her official story: "I slipped out on the stairs"


A friend who I went out with the other day told me this story and I just have to share it with you....(Maybe you should'nt read this when you're under 16...or 18)
Official story: "I slipped out on the stairs"

".....after that crazy party night - totally wasted - back home, me and my boyfriend were getting our freak on, doing it really hard doggystyle - it was the best rough ponding sex until his dick coincidentally "slipped" into the other whole.....waaaaaaaaay unexpected.....

I cried out in pain, kinda jumped from the bed and (in the most pain ever*painful grimace*) ran into the bathroom. The room was dark but I could see sparkling stars in front of me.I took one more step.....and fainted. 

Next thing I know: I wake up with a fracture of my shoulder capsule and have to wear a bandage for the next three months. The official story I told my boss to explain why I was not able to use the keypad properly for fuckin THREE months was " I slipped out on the stairs"....."


This might be the best true "fucked up sex story" I heard so far. I still can't stop laughing (and feeling sorry for the girl while smiling) when I imagine the setting.

Next time someone tells me that he/she slipped out on the stairs I will give that person a dirty look thinking...yea right.

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