Never restrain the ways of your brain


Two girls on the train

watching the rain

playing a game. 

It goes by the name

'Never restrain

the ways of your brain'




Would you give up walking if you were able to fly instead?


Would you give up your eye sight or your sense of smell if you had to choose?


You have sex with one of the guys in this cabin or all of us die.Take your pick. (tough one )


What happens behind closed doors in Iran and China?

(In situations where people are repressed, the logical and usual consequence is rebellion.....and when you are not allowed to speak your mind freely, we can only imagine what a hell of a good time they have behind closed doors....yea right...we heard of those iranian home parties over here in Germany )


Why is it so hard to let the stupid guys go and why do you realise how much you like the nice one only when he's acting stupid? 


Is it possible to be in love with a dead person ? 


Hair-girl,leg-girl or booty-girl?


Is the food at Cha-Cha really fresh made ? We doubt it.


What are you willing to sacrifice to be true to youself?

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne