Morning thoughts

I woke up this morning feeling thankful. Maybe that was because of the things I thought about before I fell asleep yesterday night, but my thoughts had taken a new turn.

So, I woke up feeling thankful for all the people I met in my short life that inspired me. In retroperspective I see that some people or situations I had to deal with in the past really inspired me, without me even realising it. They inspired me in a totally different way than from the way I thought they would, but at the end of the day they inspired me to make a move, a move that created a change in my life. A change that I needed to grow. And I am thankful for that. Maybe there is a reason why you decide to let certain people in your life, or why you let certain situations affect you more than others. Maybe the total of all the decisions that you make let your heart know which way to go, before you do.


Actually I just wanted to post that song and wish you a nice day!

Here it is. Have a nice day =)




You can download his Album "Starting on JV" for free right HERE.


ich gruesse alle die ich kenne