a moment.

I am lying on the floor in my new apartement. It's almost empty. I painted the few

furniture. Golden. Fresh. New.Unused. Inspiring. Like a blank page.

I am everywhere.
And nowhere.
In between of everything.
I am in two places at a time. Or three?
On the run. Not there yet.
Not too far away though.
I am thinking.
Way too much.
Or too little.
Everything is new. I am taking it in.
No time to reflect. No time to connect.
I am haunting the bigger picture. Learning.
I am thinking stuff over.
I am changing my mind.
I am searching. Or finding.

Or I am just high from all the fresh paint around me. No matter what,
I am here in 
this moment and I am very much myself.


- Take a moment, slow down a little, reconnect, get back to the middle -

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne