I believe that sexyness is more than just have a beautiful face or a hot body. Beauty alone  gets boring, you lose sight of it very fast and even start to overlook it. What you really keep in mind is intelligence, passion, personality. To me, real sexyness needs not only some kind of beauty but an interesting soul and inner depth combined with some relaxed naturaleness. So...having that in mind watch this:


Behind the scenes video of Madonna's new Interview magazine covershoot. 


I don't care about if the pics are retouched a lot or stuff like that. We all know she's not 20 anymore and honestly I dont give a fuck. Ain't no photoshop makes you look that sexy. You look sexy when you feel sexy.

........feeling THAT sexy with 50sth....she's a queen.


pictures via blackrainbow and Interview mag

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne