I am the embodiment of your love.


I am the embodiement of your love, of your trust, of all the sacrifices you made to make me have a better life, of growing  up surrounded by nothing but love, of all the years of struggling when we were on our own, of all the tears you cried and all the tears we cried together, of you supporting me in every decision I made/make, of all our crazy  fights where we scream and totally lose it until it gets too absurd and we both crack up , of all the memories we share as mother and daughter as friends and as a family, of the little letters and poems I wrote for you when you were upset when I was a kid, of  the funny way you sing and whistle along to a song , of  our eveyday cake and coffee ritual, of all the times we went out for breakfast because we like breakfast more than dinner, of all the nights we danced together, of the one million pictures you messed up with that weird look on your face (but you are really good now:) , of all the Kirschpfannkuchen and Knubbelkissen, of that guru guy on TV we saw and laughed about for almost two years, of how we learned to learn from each other, of all the pain that we've been through twice and of the million times we laughed together.

You always say, that I was born with a strong personality and always have been myself, even as a kid, but I know that I only could grow not afraid to be me, because of you. You made me. Your love made me.

When I did it a few years ago, you asked me why the hell I tatto0ed your signature on my skin? And I said :

Because it belongs there. 

....wie die ganze Welt...

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne