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Girls, girls girls girls.....

Today is the launch of a new web space called "eVe without adam". There will be a start of 21 female bloggers from all over the world and I am one of them. I am kind of excited about tonight because the launch event will be an exhibition where every one of the bloggers will exhibit their own developed creations for this evening. 


To be honest I never thought about actually making/creating art like that before....I am used to express myself during music. I can write you a song ,sing to you or whatever you want.....but I never tried to express myself during something that wasnt music, or poetry. So I was really excited about this whole art thing.....the last time I actually took a paint-brush in my hand was in make it short, in the end the paint was all over my body but it was worth it . Wish I'd taken some making of pics for you guys. 

I cant say or show you much more right now, but I will after tonight =)



some information about "eVe without adam" : 


"He gives her the rib, and she gives him the soul"


eVe without adam is for emotional thinkers! 
A big add to the Blog area, will be an insider city guide called EDEN, representing all cities, in which the bloggers are currently living (Berlin, to NYC, Barcelona, Ibiza, London, Düsseldorf, Toronto, Hamburg).
At the same time, there will be a weekly question for our bloggers, THE GREEN APPLE, asking them to write detailed answers on their personal views.




„eVe without adam“ will launch its new women´s blog magazine, with an exhibition on the 17th of February, 2010, in the Lucas Carrieri Gallery in Berlin-Mitte.

“eVe without adam” is the keyhole to the heart and head of the women, inviting you to watch and follow, either loudly or silently.”






ich gruesse alle die ich kenne