I bought myself flowers
rolled a joint for late hours
now reading a few pages
and doing my nails
listening to Lauryn
not checking my mails.
I didn't have enough of the right thing
and too much of the wrong,
for just a second too long.
There's this thing about wrong and right,
they always come together, like they're tight or some shit
like all the wrong people, sit in the right places
and a right thing becomes wrong once you start to chase it.
As for me and for that matter, I tend to look for the right thing in all the wrong spots
and I've learned, as right and wrong go hand in hand
that in this world you better, know exactly where you stand - and for what
but to be honest, right now I'd rather fall
just like Lauryn in my speakers - so that nothing even matters at all.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne