Every day is Women's day.

It's women's day when Kim Kardashian breaks the internet,

when my neighbor and mother of 3 already went for a run,had a  latte and

todays news, before she patiently maneuvers

her 3 boys out of the door in the morning and heads to work after she dropped

them off in 3 different places.

It's women's day when my homie holds her first child in her arms for the first time.

It's was women's day when my grandma after 35 years of marriage decided

that she is better off alone.

It is women's day every time Beyonce makes a fucking move.

It was womans day when you fell in love with your girl .

It is women's day when my 16 year old sister calls out a boy for telling her

she's boring because she doesn't feel like sending

him the pictures he wants.

It is women's day when Naomi Campbell walks.

It was women's day when Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix, Prince (and so many

more) wrote the music we still love so much

(and I can only guess that for Drake and Angela Merkel every day it is women's day.) 

Lets be honest, it was women's day, when most of the best music was written

and it was women's day when you were born. 

Women have been living it and killing it ever since and nobody really ever

made it easy or gave many shits.

We live and experience in our own context, reviewing womanhood in

comparison or in contrast to men lacks ambition and also common sense.

We were never supposed to be the same. We don't need equality, we need

our own. 


So thanks for the party and all, but don't you think that we don't know that we

already make the world go round every fucking day. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne