It doesn't matter what I think 

think about you in bars on the other side of town 

all on your own 

think about what you do 

and with who

think about how you still kiss me 

like you wanna crawl into my kneck

like your drowning 

my kiss your only breath

It doesn't matter .

Not the fight in your eyes

not the obvious, nor the things you hide.

It doesnt matter

cause you leaving might be for the better.

At least that's what you think

and though I am not yet convinced

I'm not holding on,

and soon you'll be stronger and I'll be gone.

But for now

for this time

untill you get your head and heart in line

I can't stay

can't stay away

and it ends how it began.

I've always been a drug to you

your kryptonite your only sun

now cold turkey has got you on the run.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne