Dear *Sigmund Freud. Your Mom.

I had this dream last night. Again.


I thought about it and tried to find out if there's is maybe something inside of me, some secret wish or desire,that I am not aware of. I mean,even if it's really really never know. 

So I tried to be open to whatever my mind was going to tell me and sat down and thought about the dream, prepared for the worst......after like 15 minutes of intensive thinking and listening to my inner self it all came down to this :



*Freudian dream analysis(The Interpretation of Dreams,1899): Freud believed that every action and thought is motivated by our unconconscious at some level and that we hold back our urges and repress our impulses in order to live in a civilized society. One way these urges and impulses are released is through our dreams. The content of the unconscious may be extremely disturbing thats why Freud believed it expresses itself in a symbolic language.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne