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This tour was so much more than I would have thought. You guys are insane you are beautiful. You are
creative. You are loud. You are sexy. You are me.  You are everything. Danke
für die wilde Liebe. We are just getting started. 

Future Deutsche Welle Tour 2014 / Berghain Kantine  pic by KyraSophie

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shit I love when I am stoned. #1

tell me .

the first time.

The first album.

The first headline tour. 

The first show. 


Sold out.

So thats how being nervous feels. 


You got this. 

I am going on tour.

Ich habe da mal etwas vorbereitet.


Live spielen ist alles. Ihr und ich. Jetzt.



I aint even gonna write about you.


ich gruesse alle die ich kenne