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I drink way too much coffee.

At least I don't smoke,when I am not drunk.



Artwork by The K Guy , stumbled upon it  today.

Dear summer

I wanna wake up to you smiling down at me again.Do you remeber how we used to open every window and turn India up on my radio in the morning? Damn I miss that. I am about to forget your smell and how you feel on my skin...what the fuck are you waiting for ?



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Newspapers are very important.

We should take everything they have to say really serious.


We should believe in everything they have to say without reservation.


The press should never be questioned by the public, because their one and only aim is to spread the truth.


What you read in Newspapers and see on the news is under no circumstances filtered,censored or selected in order to manipulate a public opinion in someones interest.


The press would NEVER surpress any information or points of view by crowding them out, by including other people or groups of people to stop listening to certain arguments, or by simply diverting attention elsewhere.


And of course news have nothing to do with advertising.

Don't worry.Your mind is free. Thank god. 








nothing. at least.


I don't know if it's possible to ever get fully over the pain of losing someone you loved. Maybe I will one day.

Nothing matters

there's Nothing to think about

Nothing to cry and yell about

Nothing to talk and dream about

there's Nothing left

Nothing.at least.

I hold on to the Nothing

that you left me

Nothing is all I got

it's everything

I can't let my Nothing go

just to realise that I am empty since you've been gone 

Nothing.at least.
at least nothing.




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her official story: "I slipped out on the stairs"


A friend who I went out with the other day told me this story and I just have to share it with you....(Maybe you should'nt read this when you're under 16...or 18)
Official story: "I slipped out on the stairs"

".....after that crazy party night - totally wasted - back home, me and my boyfriend were getting our freak on, doing it really hard doggystyle - it was the best rough ponding sex until his dick coincidentally "slipped" into the other whole.....waaaaaaaaay unexpected.....

I cried out in pain, kinda jumped from the bed and (in the most pain ever*painful grimace*) ran into the bathroom. The room was dark but I could see sparkling stars in front of me.I took one more step.....and fainted. 

Next thing I know: I wake up with a fracture of my shoulder capsule and have to wear a bandage for the next three months. The official story I told my boss to explain why I was not able to use the keypad properly for fuckin THREE months was " I slipped out on the stairs"....."


This might be the best true "fucked up sex story" I heard so far. I still can't stop laughing (and feeling sorry for the girl while smiling) when I imagine the setting.

Next time someone tells me that he/she slipped out on the stairs I will give that person a dirty look thinking...yea right.

Rolf Buck meets lary.

That video was made by ROLF BUCK. I love his work and his creativity . Working with him is like
a free fall,you don't know what's it gonna be in the end, but you don't care anyway. If he tells you to
sit down naked on a golden horse in the middle of the street (and we actually thought this one
through)...you just do it, because you want to see what he sees. 


I used the first part of it for my blog intro, you can see the full length video on my youtube. I def
wanna/gonna work with him on some other projects in the future. 

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne