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The uncomfortable truth

I just realised that I've been listening to this song on and off for about 4 years now. And still...the moment the beat begins, the song just got me. Every time I hear it. Four years man! I mean...I just don't get sick of it...ever. 

When I met Nneka's producer FARHOT in the studio for the first time a few months ago, I was actually a little nervous, just because I think his beats are so so damn good. = P (Shouts to Farhot..always smiling ;P)



Last year after she dropped her second album I went to see her live in Cologne. This girl is as tall as a smurf and thin like Erykah (used to be) , but her voice filled the room and every inch of my body.

All of it...her songs, her performance and expression were pure emotion. She was. could feel and see that she meant every word she sang, from the bottom of her soul plus she was kinda funny too. 

Loved it. 


For those of you who are not German, did you know that (Hamburg based) Nneka is half German ? =) 


Make sure you get to see her live,when you have the chance! It's def worth it.She  is gonna be the support-act on the " Distant Relatives Tour " (US) with Nas and Damian Marley hitting the roads May 2010.

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Hocus Pocus/Alice Russel "Beautiful Losers" - by NYNO

This is the new music video from Yue Wu aka NYNO .

Three reasons why I post this:

1. I love NYNO's  work so much. You should check out his homepage,I think his talent,skills and creativity are beyond amazing.

2. The track is superdope:) I always liked french music, they are so soulful in an oldschool way with a newschool twist

3.I am a big fan of Alice Russel.


So...this video is kind of the whole package to me. Enjoy.


Hocus Pocus "Beautiful losers" feat. Alice Russell

Der lange arm des gesetzes und der long dong des finanzamt

Jedes Jahr der gleiche Mist...Ein Freund von mir meinte letztens " Du kannst alles machen, aber fick nicht mit Fickern". And that's exactly what it is mit den Steuern. 

Das Finanzamt ist der Oberfucker und wir sind seine Nutten, denn egal wie du es drehst, irgendwann steht der Mistkerl vor der Tür und sagt : Bitch better have my money! " 


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Project paying the rent

I am a singer. 

Unfortunaltely singing doesn't really pay my rent yet. So I just find other ways to do it. Check out the latest issue of STREETWEAR today. 

wild hearts can't be broken

can they?



I want to...

color your lips with my kisses

warm the skin on your neck with my breath

run my fingertips across your collarbone

press my lips against your pulse

whisper your name, again and again

drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart


I want you so bad. What's your name?


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sounds like summer




ich gruesse alle die ich kenne