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Something like a PXA bball Tournament Amsterdam Recap



This was the best weekend in ages,  so let me just make it short and recover from it in peace :


Parisian wolves, Berlin babes and Danish dicks playing (basketball) under the hot Amsterdam sun.80 people in one insanely beautiful artsy villa. Real family summer camp block party spirit....We had one hell of a good time.

I rarely made pics, cause I was too busy enjoying all of that. I'm sorry I know I am a bad bad bad blogger concerning recaps, but I promise to get better about that :P !

Thanks to Joey, Chris and Suki who made it happen and to all the other beautiful people who were a part of it, I'm sure this was a once in a lifetime thing and I enjoyed every second.


Very few pics of The real world Amsterdam:

First of all, the winners: Team Candy (of course ) and Team K1X

Emily aka the secret weapon makin it happen


Check out the pictures and recaps of less lazy people :

Eve without Adam


Black Rainbow


I fell in love with the villa aka the golden pussy, this room really had my heart.


pics by Lary & via evewithoutadam
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Any plans for the weekend?

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Give it to me right..

...or don't give it to me at all.

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New:The Black Keys : Tighten Up Video

Finally ! BROTHERS , The new album of The Black Keys is out, I am so tired of listen to the damn stream. After the hilarious video to "Next Girl" , here's the video to "Tighten Up".

The Black Keys "Tighten Up"

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Mood music.

Monday morning 11:10. My brain is still on standby. Coffee ain't helping.

Think I'm gonna stay in my world for a little longer, but you're welcome to enter.

And this new Lemar Kendrick tune feels like it was made for this morning. Imma cut them all off today. Focus on me. 

Love this guy. Download his EP HERE.

I am the most creative at nighttime, that kinda sucks when you have to get up early almost everyday.

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The best thing about the Alicia Keys Concert/Review

I went to see Alicia Keys live yesterday. Wasn't really surprised that she's on that experimental/I am unique/musically evolved/electronic/fashionista/even my backround singers are fuckin cool people/ - thing too. Even if I knew before that she is way too much of an artists to sit by that piano and play that Falling tune forever......I secretely prayed for the day never to come.

Anyway, it's Alicia...I love her voice and vibe. You just gotta love her. The show was cool, sound was dope, the backings and the band were insanely good. I really enjoyed it, even if I felt a little abused by the huge neon writings and multicolored pictures that seemed to scream:

'I WANT TO INSPIRE YOU' at me all the time. Actually it felt more like BE THE FUCK INSPIRED!NOW! 


Bottom line: It was good, I had fun, but I didn't feel it.

Last year she sucked me in completely and spit me out after two hours as an inspired walking lightning. And she did that with nothing but her music, her voice and the look in her eyes. The medium is the message, I think I just didnt like the medium she chose this time.



The best thing about that night was this girl that came to me (shouts to you Vy !)  and asked me if I was Lary from Lary Says and how my music thing is going and told me how much she likes my blog. It's was cool to meet one of you guys and have a little chat!

So....thank you Miss. For me , you were the best thing about the Alicia Keys concert.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne