305 to my city.

I am peforming in Miami tonight. This event hosted and curated by Mallence Bart Williams once again is an
amzing worldwide collaboration and I am proud to be a part of it. 

"I'm possible showcases a multifced exhibition of paintings, photography and mixed media installations -  
a collaborative effort between international artists and the Folorunsho Creative Collective - a group of former
street kids that emerged form a life in the streets of post war Freetown, Sierra Leone, who today personify
the transformation form - struggle for existence' to 'creator or one's own destiny', transforming the
impossible to I'M POSSIBLE, through their art work and designs. "

Following up a number of dope events and projects I feel like I am closing a chapter nd at the same time
opening a whole new one. MY first LARY performance was at the folorunsho event Mallence and I hosted
in Berlin, that's where #LARYlive began, thats when I met WIll Russel and my life took a whole nother turn.
So being here now after a number of other projects with Mallence , after touring, releasing an EP signing
to a record label and recording a whole album, I am right back here where it started in Berlin over a year ago.
Life has a funny way of going in circles. And me performing here tonight kind of fits the concept, as nobody is
gonna understand shit of what I am saying , so I better make em feel it. BURNING BORDERS BUILDING BRIDGES ,
all the way. 

The exhibition is accompanied b a silent auction to benifit the Folorunsho Creative Collective
to ustain their ongoing education and remain self - sufficient through their creative work.

ich gruesse alle die ich kenne